Celonis Proactive Insights (PI) is definitely a game changer in the Process Mining space, providing the easiest and most intuitive process analysis of any product on the market. All Process Mining solutions give businesses a visual map of how their processes function today.  But only with Celonis PI, do you get a map to the future!

Celonis combined its Process Mining solution with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI)) to provide not only a visual map of a business’s historical processes, but a suggested route, with action items and a to-do list, to develop future operational processing!

Celonis PI -Proactive Insights – adds 4 new features to the Celonis Process Mining solution:

  • PI Conformance

  • PI Social

  • PI Companion

PI Conformance: Intelligent insights into process deviants and root causes

What it is: “Conformance” is a type of process mining that compares an existing process model with an event log of the actual process going on. In short, comparing the “ to-be” with the “as-is”.

The Celonis PI Conformance Model allows you to upload a file of your process model (or use their modeling tool software to create it), and checks your actual data against the model. Are you doing what you think you are? Are you going where you want to be? Is your business operating on all thrusters???

Why it’s AWESOME:

  • PI Conformance gives you a “to do” list of exactly what needs to change to move your process from “as-is” to “to-be.”
  • PI Conformance prioritizes the to-do list based on the value the recommendation will have to your business, focusing on the highest revenue and throughput problems first.
  • PI Conformance analyzes historical data showing you the cost – in time and dollars – of the nonconformance issues.
  • PI Conformance lists possible root causes for each “to-do” recommendation, explaining exactly where to go to fix the problem.
  • ….and PI Conformance comes with pre-built analysis, no “learning curve” required for your process experts before the information can be actioned.

What it means for your business:

  • No need to spend money on high-priced consultants to analyze your business and provide recommendations through hours of staff interviewing. Get the information you need when you need it (within minutes!) with recommendations backed up by your data.
  • Increase efficiency and save time and money by knowing exactly where the biggest process deviations occur and exactly what the root causes are. Move directly from identification to solution implementation.
  • Use PI Conformance pre-built analysis to make constructive changes that align your processes in order to get to your desired outcome.
  • Merging business units this year? Acquiring new businesses?  You can quickly identify the steps to merge and align processes across your organization.

“Remember: Your Focus Determines Your Reality!”  

            Qui-Gon Jinn, The Phantom Menace
Learn More about Proactive Insights

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