Process Mining and Master Data Management Add $1.3M to Bottom Line

See $1.3M in Real World Savings Below


Master Data Management controls the flow of materials through the manufacturing process and covers all major areas: sales, distribution, quality management, production planning, and warehouse management. Good MDM allows the materials flow to be consistent and accurate, ensuring manufacturers have what they need, when they need it, to meet customer demands.


Tracking materials is complex and difficult because it encompasses the entire manufacturing process, with thousands of different materials running through multiple plants and warehouses. A single delay of a material can ripple through all areas of your business; understanding and planning is virtually impossible without transparency into your material flow process. Problems such as production bottlenecks, delays in raw materials, canceled orders, and late invoicing can’t be pinpointed and identified.

And what can’t be identified and understood can’t be resolved.

Solution with Process Mining

Celonis Process Mining maps your entire materials management process and provides 100% transparency into your manufacturing processing. You can easily identify bottlenecks and processing “loops” in your production. You can identify which vendors, warehouses, and plants are the most and least efficient, and pinpoint the exact root cause of inefficiencies. You can identify the impacts of delayed materials or cancelled orders, allowing you to hold or stop work that cannot or should not be completed, increasing overall productivity and throughput, and find out where invoicing is delayed.

With Process Mining, you can answer questions such as:

  • How can I improve the average processing time per work item?
  • What are the root causes of cancelled orders?
  • What are my “long runners” in the manufacturing process?
  • Where are incorrect lead times in my ERP system causing processing delays or high inventory costs?


Using Celonis Process Mining, clients have been able to:

  • Reduce the handling time per work item
  • Rightsize lead times to improve raw material reliability
  • Increase overall workflow completion by interconnecting the flow through all departments involved in the process
  • Reduce labor costs by identifying areas for increased automation

Real World Results

After implementing Celonis, a company with an average of 16,000 work items annually could expect to save an average of:

  • $320K from reduction of cancelled orders
  • $740K from reduction in handling time per work item
  • $300K from improving overall workflow completion time

Reduce labor costs, improve vendor relationships, increase workflow completion, and have 100% transparency into how your business operates – and it all comes back to your bottom line!

Getting started with Process Mining is simple, and a proof of value analysis can quickly show its value of  to your  organization. Let us prove to you that 100% transparency really is possible, and easier than you imagine. Contact Digital Symplexity to arrange a demo and learn how Process Mining can optimize your business.

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