Put your Ouija board away! Celonis Proactive Insights  (PI) combines Celonis’ Process Mining solution with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide not only a visual map of a business’ historical processes, but a suggested road map, with action items and a to-do list, to develop future operational processing.

 Celonis PI -Proactive Insights – adds 4 new features to the Celonis Process Mining solution:

  • PI Social

  • PI Machine Learning

  • PI Companion

PI Machine Learning: Your Software Learns from Your Data

What it is:  PI Machine Learning is software built with algorithms providing the ability to improve over time.  The software develops recommendations based on the input data, and can adapt and improve those over time, as more data is processed for it to “learn” from.

Celonis PI’s Machine Learning Model gives recommendations on your future state of operations based on analysis and trends of your historical data.


Example:  Most companies want to increase delivery reliability; inaccurate or incorrect entry of material lead times into the ERP system causes inaccurate delivery estimates.  Machine Learning looks at your historical, actual lead times –per product, per vender, per plant – and can show you where expected lead times differ the most from actual.  But it even goes beyond that, and gives  recommendations about what adjustments to make, prioritized as to what will have the largest impact on your business!  With Machine Learning, you can adjust your materials planning to continually adjust and optimize your delivery estimates.

Why it’s AWESOME:

  • PI Machine Learning clearly displays where planned values deviate from actual values, and where those deviations cost your business and your customers.
  • PI Machine Learning gives you a list of recommendations of how to improve the accuracy of your planned value.
  • PI Machine Learning predicts how long your future processing will actually take, breaking the time down per activity.
  • PI Machine Learning provides a variable “confidence factor” to the predications which you can set depending on your level of acceptable risk.
  • PI Machine Learning can ‘train’ its model for resources such as material, vendor, and plant, and come up with a “smart” recommendation of how to best plan those resources. Moreover, it continually improves those recommendations as more data is processed.

What it means for your business:

  • Optimize your supply chain by knowing how long things really take to complete and adjust your plan to be more predictable and reliable for your customers.
  • Rationalize your SLAs by understanding how realistic the targets are based on historical analysis, and receive recommendations of how to modify your process to meet those targets.
  • Improve customer service by predicting your process timeline before you commit to delivery, and receive data-backed recommendations of how to shorten those timelines.
  • Jump in immediately! Use  Celonis PI’s pre-built analysis – including graphs,  charts and statistics –  that are ready for you to use.  No “learning curve” is required.

Continuous improvement of your process is built into the solution through adaptive machine learning.  The more you use Celonis PI, the better the recommendations and greater impact on your bottom line! 

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