About Us

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Why we do what we do? Really! 

We are experts in process mining.  Using existing data, with a few simple integration points, we give your company access to every processing path – from the highest level to a single transaction – of your core business functions.  The visibility is incredible.  This tool gives almost unlimited power back to the business: first, to understand EXACTLY how their business operates, and second, to determine how to use that knowledge to deliver a second-to-none customer experience by looking at how your business operates from your customer’s perspective .


Why are we here?  

We saw an event process chain and after understanding “it’s possible, and not that hard” our minds exploded with one thought:   “Game-Changer”.  We’ve all spent careers focused on solving business problems with technology and none of us have seen a solution this powerful, we knew we had to bring these technologies to the US Market and it’s already changing the way a business operates like nothing seen before.  We all want to be there and help make it happen.”

What kind of people are we? 

The people who make up the Digital Symplexity Team are those who take pride in their actions inside and outside the workplace. We are people who care and every person on our team strives to leave a positive mark in the community.
We are organized, we are dedicated, and we are laser-focused on project delivery.  We build amazing teams – those teams that just “click”, those that have different types of people with different strengths and every one of them is smart, dedicated, not afraid to speak their mind, and believe “failure is not an option”. Oh, we’re also awesome.
We are also smart, dedicated people, are experts in our field of expertise, however, this isn’t why we work together.  We work together because Digital Symplexity is a place that values working with good people and good customers!
Our team = process experts.  We are analytical; we are logical.  We LOVE data.  All kinds of data. DATA… DATA… DATA…  & we know stuff…LOTS of stuff:
  • We are those family members that you NEVER want to play a game of Jeopardy against!
  • We were the kids who sucked their parents into endless “But why?….Because…but why?” Conversations.
  • Commander Spock is one of our childhood heroes.
  • We checked out every Sherlock Holmes novel from the library when we were kids.
  • We have database queries we are ‘most proud’ of, and we like to talk about them!