Process Mining is a data science technique which uses the millions of log files produced by your disparate IT systems to reconstruct, visually display your business process as it exists today, and provides detail to the individual transaction level.  The insights from process mining are backed up with data, analytics and reporting allowing a company to check compliance, analyze bottlenecks, compare process variants, and visually suggests areas for process improvement.


Remove guesswork and opinions from process improvement.  Visually track, measure, and report process changes real-time.  Process Mining defines where you should put your time and resources to make the biggest impact:

  • Business Risk: Identify and reduce the largest areas of business risk with real-time alerts
  • Process susceptibility and deviations: Find your biggest bottlenecks and wasted time
  • Realize lost revenues: Streamline processes to reduce cycle time in order-to-cash or procure-to-pay that immediately impact the bottom line
  • Increased customer satisfaction: Improve efficiency and effectiveness of your operations for  higher quality results delivered more quickly to your customers
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