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When your critical internal business functions are down, your customers can’t get access to the systems they need.  When your customers can’t access your applications, you depend on your IT Service Management solution to resolve the problem.   How much value would you gain from:

  • Predicting which tickets are most likely to miss SLAs and why?
  • Seeing the true cost of incorrect and inefficient ticketing routing, and pinpointing the root cause?
  • Identifying areas of noncompliance, where clients or employees “go around” the process to get to the higher tier of support?


IT Service Management has unique challenges. The more sophisticated customers expect a more personalized experience: self-service, mobile, social. Communication challenges exist within and across IT teams, and between IT and Business teams. Fragmented technologies, toolsets, and data make getting an accurate view of the entire IT landscape difficult. Data comes from multiple, often incompatible data sources with varying degrees of data integrity and complexity.


Celonis Process Mining provides unprecedented 100% transparency into your entire IT landscape.  You can visualize your IT service management processes in real-time: seeing the path of every ticket, from any department, from initial request to final resolution, with drill-down ability into any ticket attribute.

With Process Mining, you can answer such as:

  • What issues drive the majority of tickets?
  • How can time-to-resolution be reduced?
  • What characteristics define the complex and time-consuming tickets?
  • What teams are the most or least efficient and accurate at resolving customer requests?


Using Celonis Process Mining, clients have been able to:

  • Identify where tickets are incorrectly assigned.
  • Find common attributes of tickets that passed through more than 3 departments before resolution, or were assigned incorrectly, both of which result in increased time to resolution.
  • Identify those departments that go around Level 1 support, ignoring support policies
  • Increase the volume of tickets solved by the initial help desk.
  • Reduce overall ticket volume by identifying common problems and delivering proactive solutions.

Real World Results

After implementing Celonis, a company with a 1M annual ticket saved:

  • $1.3M from prevention of tickets
  • $1.2M from reduction in “multi-assigned” tickets
  • $0.9M from reduction in “ping-pong” tickets
  • $.5M from increasing compliance of support policies
  • $70K from increasing tickets resolved by Level 1 support

Celonis Process Mining gives you the information you need to maximize the efficiency of your IT support organization.  Spend less time fixing your customer’s problems and more time working with them on new business solutions.

Are you ready to visualize your IT service management, and see what Process Mining can do for your business?  Contact Digital Symplexity today to arrange a demo. Learn how Process Mining can optimize your business.

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