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When your business includes global logistics, your supply chain is your lifeline and your vendors can “make or break” your client relationships.  Are you:

  • Looking for a better way to determine which vendor consistently over- or under-performs?
  • Trying to identify the root cause of inefficiencies in your supply chain?
  • Pressured by clients to deliver faster and at a lower cost?


In logistics and distribution, Vendor Performance can be difficult to pinpoint.  Global distribution networks are vast and complex, making it difficult to get the visibility you need to identify vendor problems and inefficiencies resulting from internal processing problems. Without knowing exactly where the bottlenecks are, making changes puts your business and your clients at risk.


Celonis Process Mining provides unprecedented visibility with 100% transparency into your entire supply chain.  You can visualize your operations in real-time from order entry to delivery, pinpointing areas like vendor delivery, vendor accuracy, and vendor reliability.

With Process Mining, you can answer questions such as:

  • How long does it take to receive goods after creating a Purchase Order?  See these stats by vendor, product, warehouse, or order.
  • Which vendor has the best (and worst) accuracy rate with their committeddelivery dates?   See which vendor you can count on to deliver the product when your customers need it.
  • What percent of returned orders are vendor-related issues?  Identify those vendors providing incorrect or defective parts.

The earlier that issues are identified in the process, the less impact they have on your customers.


Using Celonis Process Mining, clients have been able to:

  • Identify which vendors are best at supplying goods predictably and accurately.
  • Reduce safety stockby identifying inventory turnover times for each product and vendor more accurately.
  • Reduce deviations fromvendor and purchasing polices and agreements, increasing vendor compliance.
  • Pinpoint the root cause of bottlenecks, shipment delays and deviations from your “happy path.”
  • Optimize raw materials flow by finding “material loops” in the transportation and shipping flows.
  • Constantly monitor, control, and improve their supply chain process by having all relevant data concentrated on dashboards showing real-time information.
  • Reduce the “time to decision” process by having access to a visual material flow, transit times, average delays, and critical supply routes focusing on the most critical SLAs.

Real World Results

Statistics based on actual customer results are convincing.  After implementing Celonis, a company with a yearly customer transit volume of $4B saw savings of:

  • $8.5M from elimination of Material Flow Loops
  • $4.0M from optimization of Supply and Distribution route
  • $2.6M from Safety Stock Reduction
  • $1.7M from increasing automation in the ordering process.

Every day lost within your supply chain is profit lost.  Your customers will use whoever fulfills their orders the quickest and most accurately.  Make sure that fulfiller is YOU.

Celonis Process Mining gives you the information you need to make smart, data-driven decisions about vendor management, and to understand how those decisions impact your overall process.

Are you ready to visualize your supply chain, and see what Process Mining can do for your business?  Contact Digital Symplexity today to arrange a demo. Learn how Process Mining can discover and strengthen your supply chain’s ‘weakest links’.

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