“Mr. Watson, Come here”Mr. Watson was in the next room when he received the first telephone call from Alexander Graham Bell over 50 years ago; today your teams are likely to be across the city, in another state or on other continents!  Keeping disparate units in touch and streamlining business processes means building effective communication. Celonis PI maps the critical interactions among your teams! 

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PI Social: Strengthen team performance and interactions 

What it is:  PI Social provides a visual map of the interactions between your various units, teams, and personnel as they complete a business process.  The goal of PI Social is to strengthen team performance and maximize team effectiveness. 

Why it’s AWESOME:

  • PI Social gives a visual map of how often teams and resources interact to complete process steps. 
  • PI Social identifies where work most often comes from and goes to, highlighting workload imbalances.
  • PI Social provides the same type of data Celonis provides for a process– by case, by activity, throughput time calculations, historical trending – but provides it for teams and individuals.
  • PI Social identifies the most critical interactions and resources for a specific process or activity.

What it means for your business:

  • Increase efficiency between teams by discovering and eliminating “ping-pong” hand-over work between teams and resources.
  • Correct workload imbalances and the impact that they have on the overall throughput time, allowing right-sizing of team structures.
  • Identify those teams and roles that are most critical to the successful execution of your business process. 

Analyzing your business processes is only half the equation; to implement the necessary improvements and changes, you need to analyze your “people processes” as well! 

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