Forget about dogs – PI Companion is your new best friend! Sometimes you are in the middle of a process analysis and you want to know how a specific action will affect another value – and you need to know right now, before you go any further.  If you’re using PI Companion along with your other software, you won’t waste a minute!

  • PI Companion

Celonis PI Companion: Launch Your Analysis When You Need It!

What it is:  PI Companion is a ‘Process Advisor”.  It launches the Celonis application from within your critical business applications, without having to leave one app to launch another.  It’s where you need, when you need it, ready with recommendations at the time critical business decisions are made.

Why it’s AWESOME:

  • PI Companion can be opened at the time a business process is about to execute, rather than being used after the process completes.
  • PI Companion provides real-time historical trends and predictions as a business user selects values such as vendor, delivery date, and materials.
  • PI Companion recommendations get smarter the more it’s used, through the same technology as PI Machine Learning.

What it means for your business:

  • Identify potential issues with vendors, parts, plants, and actions before they are made, allowing you to make informed decisions based on historical data.
  • Make process mining insights integral to your daily operations, turning your process mining tool into a front-end decision maker rather than a back-end corrector of your process issues.
  • Create a culture of building quality into the process by providing recommendations to the users as critical decisions are made – giving your personnel the facts they need to prevent mistakes before they happen.

When we announced our partnership with Celonis in December, we knew that their product was best in class and that their company culture had the innovation and thought leadership that we try to mirror in our own organization.

The new Celonis PI proves that the product and the company deserve all the awards and accolades they’ve accumulated this year.

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