What we do

Shine a magnifying glass on your most complex, mysterious processes.

Process Mining brings unparalleled transparency to your business, solving the mystery of how to increase operational efficiency while decreasing costs


Digital Transformation


Capabilities include:

  • Strategic Project Delivery

  • Agile Implementation

  • Technology Adoption

Process Mining


  • Readiness Assessment

  • Solution Design  

  • Proof of Concept

  • Solution Implementation

Rapid Vision


Virtual Toolbox and Methodology: 

  • Organizational Change Mgmt

  • Crawl / walk / run adoption

  • Knowledge Transfer & Training

Process Mining

What is Process Mining?  

Process mining is the analysis and visualization of business processes based on event logs and specialized algorithms.  Business risk, process susceptibility and deviations, and lost revenues are quickly realized in ways companies often don’t know is happening.  

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Where can process mining help you most?  

Process Intelligence

What is Process Intelligence?  

Process Intelligence (PI) is the ability to understand business processes and knowing how to use them effectively. The goal of Process Intelligence is ultimately a more precise execution to your strategic goals.
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Process Intelligence vs. BI
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Investigate Process Maturity
Watch Gordon detect inefficiencies with Process Intelligence
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