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Where’s the Business Value in Process Mining? Why is this important?

Strategically, Process Mining shows you where in your core business processes lie the opportunities to make the biggest impact to your customer and your bottom line. Armed with this knowledge, you can be sure you make the most effective use of your time and resources.  The business value of Process Mining can be found by:

  • Eliminating process bottlenecks:    Let Process Mining map out process susceptibility and deviations to fine your biggest sources of wasted processing time
  • Reducing cycle times:  Shave hours, days, even weeks off your highest volume process like order to cash or procure to pay.  Time IS money, and by realizing lost revenues: you can immediately impact your bottom line
  • Delivering to customers better, faster, and more accurately: More automated and efficient operations translate directly into higher quality results to your customer
  • Real-time monitoring: The faster you are alerted to a problem related to compliance or governance, the more you can minimize its impact. Identify and reduce the largest areas of business risk with real-time alerts

What differentiates Process Mining software, making it so strategic to today’s digital business?

  • Its analysis and insight come directly from your own, unique digital data
  • It backs up its claims through analytics and reporting, removing the guesswork and opinions out of process improvement ideas
  • It cost-justifies each process improvement change based on current and historical data providing precise analytics down to the individual transaction level
  • It immediately shows you the business impact – visually, through reports, and with real time-alerts – to give you confidence that the change has the intended impact.
Sound too good to be true? Imagine the power of having a visual representation of how your business process works? Not a siloed view from each IT system, but a visual process flow from a business perspective.
How game-changing would it be to you see your business process flow as a single visual representation, irrespective of the disparate IT organizations – technical platform, physical location, or organizational business unit – that support the process?
Nearly every answer to questions about your company’s most critical and complex business processes is hidden in your digital data. Process Mining provides you the keys to unlock those answers as to how and why your processes work as they do, and how you can optimize them for maximum efficiency.
The true Business Value of Process Mining lies in unlocking your own data and revealing the map of your “digital fingerprint”, changing forever the way you see, manage, and monitor your most critical business processes.
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